Is your job unfulfilling? Are some of your relationships not at the potential they could be? Do you have an area of life in which you cannot seem to succeed? Do you want to renovate your life but you're not sure how? That is what Renew ministries is all about!  In Jeremiah 18 we see a potter making a pot but the clay he was using was messed up (needed renovating).  The potter did not throw the clay away, instead he made a new pot out of the messed up clay.  The potter is Jesus, and He continually helps us become better by making us into something new.  The team members of Renew ministries want to help you see this new pot that you can become and help you find the path to get there.

The team members of this ministry are trained to come along beside you and help you walk through whatever circumstance you may be encountering in life. Contact Chris Benton to set up an appointment with one of the ministry members.