Sunday mornings


It all started when…

Pastor Steve felt God calling him to something more than the normal Sunday morning production, something more real, raw, authentic.  The Encounter was born out of this vision to be different.  The Encounter meets Sundays at 9:06 and 10:36 a.m.

What to expect:
Coming to church can be scary, so at the Encounter we are very casual, like entering someone’s home. There are friendly faces, coffee, snacks, music, and laughter. We laugh mostly at ourselves. But we also understand this is the intersection to meet God… Where awareness and authenticity meet!

We also know your kids may be a distraction from your purpose of being there. Therefore Lighthouse is there to serve you. Our kid’s ministry will operate while you are at the Encounter for your convenience. If you have teens Illuminate is built just for them on Sunday nights.

Why we do it:
We believe that the church in America is known more for what it is against... Our desire is that the Encounter is a “Safe place to ask dangerous questions.” We are broken and damaged people, just like you… Come join us as we wrestle through this life journey together.